$6,800 Per Year

Our straightforward pricing provides transparency and minimizes conflicts of interest.

Why A Flat Fee?

As a fiduciary we strive to put your interests first. To us, that means providing our service for a fair and transparent price while minimizing our conflicts of interest.

Most financial advisors charge based on the value of your portfolio, known as Assets Under Management (AUM). This costs approximately 1% of your investable assets per year.

At Think Different Financial Planning, we do not charge our clients based on how much money we can manage. Instead, we charge a flat annual fee of $6,800, charged in quarterly increments of $1,700.

We believe a flat retainer fee is a more appropriate, fair, and transparent compensation method. It does not cost more to manage a $5,000,000 portfolio versus a $500,000 portfolio. Why should a client pay tens of thousands of dollars more to receive the same service and investment portfolio?

AUM fees also create a conflict of interest: it incentivizes the advisor to manage as many assets as possible in order to increase their fee.

Lastly, the price of AUM fees are expensive over time. These high fees significantly reduce a client’s portfolio value. In fact, the total fees paid and reduced portfolio value is shocking when you compare our flat fee to a traditional 1% of AUM model.

For example, assume a 7% rate of return for an investor with one million dollars. After twenty years the client’s portfolio value is $364,266 less when paying a 1% AUM fee, which starts at $10,000 per year and rises over time, versus $6,800 per year:

Using the same assumptions, over 20 years an investor will pay $367,856 in cumulative fees in the 1% of assets under management model. This compares with the $136,000 the investor could have paid with our flat-fee structure:

If you are interested in working with a flat-fee advisor, we look forward to connecting with you.